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Applications of Germ & Host Theory

Wherever this is being read from, it is a very high probability it is from the same host that I am on, earth.  For a moment, look around, what type of trees; terrain and animals are there?  Why are those types there?  Why do alligators live in warmer climates rather than northern colder climates?  Why are great white sharks in the ocean and not the great lakes or fresh water?  Why are fish in the water rather than on the land? Why are humans and mammals above the water rather than under the water?

In medicine and science there has been lengthy debates and discussions about germ vs. host theory.  For context I will define host and germ several ways.  The macro host is earth; all the inhabitants are non-host, therefore germ.  A germ is not implying a threat. It is just not host. To expand this before contracting, the earth is a germ to the cosmos being the host.  Is earth a threat or a blessing to the host? 

Answering any of the previous questions regarding what animals, trees and terrain that is around you the reader shows that the host can offer residency to many germs.  The alligator lives where it is warm because it needs warmth due to its cold blooded non-regulated body.  It would die if it moved to a cold environment.  This simple fact alone shows the germ is attracted to the host environment. If there were numerous alligators, logic would suggest that that environment is prosperous for that species-germ.  If the host, environment changes regardless of speed, and the germ-species cannot change there will be a decreased prosperity and reduction in numbers. 

Why does most algae grow in ponds and not in flowing streams or rivers?  The host is the same, that being water but the environment variables are different.  The flowing streams and rivers have movement and refreshment of oxygen.  Algae help with increasing oxygen as a species-germ.  The pond left stagnant has reduction in oxygen levels therefore making the host-environment habitable for the Algae-germ.  As the Algae prosper the host-pond will prosper.  This is an example of the germ helping the host.  This also allows the observation of the variables are important for the host-environment. 

It is arrogantly ignorant to suggest all fish can live in the same water.  It is this same mentality that is used in medical diagnostics suggesting all disease is the same in each host.  Which is not true, the variables are different.  Generalizations do have validity, such as bacteria lives in a non-oxygenated environment or disease is created from non-oxygenated environments.  The same host-environment does not imply all those germ-species will be in the host-environment, it is stating that the species could reside there. 

When looking at the human being, the host is the body and the germ is whatever can thrive within the internal environment.  Many people may live in a house, which would be the host to the people, but the individual-body host internal environment will be unique to them.  There may be common ailments therefore suggesting logically there is a similar internal environment.  Each body has its own oxygen levels or debt levels.  This will create the environment within.  This environment allows or disallows disease, just as metaphorically the same reason the alligator or Algae prosper in their respective environments. 

The Germ is the Cause?

The Germ theory is based off Louis Pasteur’s work.  Here is an overview of the theory:

Germ theory states that many diseases are caused by the presence and actions of specific micro-organisms within the body. The theory was developed and gained gradual acceptance in Europe and the United States from the middle 1800s. It eventually superseded existing miasma and contagion theories of disease and in so doing radically changed the practice of medicine. It remains a guiding theory that underlies contemporary biomedicine.


To reflect back to the example of the alligator, why does the alligator live in the warmth and not the cold?  Simply stated, it needs to be in a host-environment to survive. If it were moved to the cold, it would perish.  The germ theory states that many diseases are caused by the presence and action of specific micro-organisms within the body. 

Which is logical, but is it the cause of disease or an effect allowing the micro organism to survive which is causing disease?

If the alligators continue to reproduce or prosper eventually they will consume the host environment.  This is not a problem for the alligators, but may pose a problem for other residents that were living in the host-environment. The alligators have taken over and the area is now out of balance.   To the observer, one may say, there is an alligator problem.  Once again, the alligators are grouping there due to the environment.  The cause is the environment. Trying to control the alligator-germ will not prevent them from reproducing. It may limit the alligator from gaining more host-environment-space but the alligator will continue to do what the alligator does.  There could be intervention, such as trapping or removing some, but the cause is still the same, the host environment.  This scenario only becomes a problem when the germ is taking over the host.  This is similar to medical testing.  There are value or measurements of acceptable ranges.  Once the acceptable range has been breached, there is intervention.  But the intervention is dealing with the effect, not the cause. Not any different than removing or trapping the alligator. The alligators are still there, just fewer, temporarily.  They will reproduce again. Why? The environment is perfect for them.  Trapping or removing the alligator is trying to control the situation. This is philosophically the same as taking a drug, an anti-biotic or herbal remedy to control the situation that has become unacceptable.  This is not removing or addressing the root cause, it is just buying time.  There is a cost to this method, the host is not getting stronger, at best it is maintaining status quo, which is borderline, acceptable.  Most likely, it is getting weaker as the intervention methods are intrusive and Band-Aid solutions.

When the host-environment becomes the minority, when it should be the majority there is chaos.  The infrastructure will be damaged. The organic compounds of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon and hydrogen will be out of whack. The balance of acidity and alkalinity will be over polarized. This is a singular or extreme position. This is when the germ theory works rather well.  This mechanical idea, works well in emergency medicine. Control and stabilize the immediate threat, but it doesn’t address the root cause. Consider it wasn’t meant to, based on trying to correct a cause from an effect of an effect. When the accumulation [acb chart] has become an emergency focusing on the emergency is critical.  There is a time and place to use the appropriate theory and application.

The Terrain/Host is the Cause or Victim?

The cellular/host theory was presented or accredited to Antoine Bechamp. This theory is based on the health of the host organism. Basically stating the host is the primary causation.  The disease is being created from the condition within the cell, and body environment. 

The macro-host is the terrain that will allow the infiltration.  This theory, would account for the majority of self-created disease, such as, heart disease, digestive disease, autoimmune disease…  Basically any disease that is developed that has become an emergency situation.  All cancers are not the same.  They also have specific stages.  When cancer is stage 1 it is less of an emergency than stage 4.  Remember the alligator, at what point did it take over the host-environment? I do not know exactly either, but as it was gaining momentum it was becoming more and more critical or an emergency.  The greater urgency in many cases the less options available to stabilize the situation.  These options may not be without a cost, but the cost is worth the risk if nothing is done. 

Digressing back to cancer, in stage 1 there are less momentum of replication and contagion of the cells than in stage 4.  Therefore it would be easier to manage, and more options would be available.  The more options allows for better choices and less cost.  Consider cancer is a serious situation. It didn’t just randomly show up, no more than an alligator walking down the street due to the swamp being full.  Sometimes it is hard to detect stealthy diseases when they are contained within a specific environment if that area is not checked.  How would someone know if there were too many alligators if they never check the swamp? How would someone know if there was cancer in an organ within the body if it wasn’t seen or felt?

Using cancer as an example I am going to use germ theory and host theory for consideration that each have validity. Consider that no disease or injury is the same for anyone. The host-person is different and their experiences-choices-germ is based on their position. 

Before presenting this, host theory is for health and germ theory is about emergency.  They are vastly different and bipolar to each other, or at different ends of the bell curve. 

Cancer has many ways to manifest.  Keeping it simple rather than going into genetics, and probability I am going to offer an internal and external point of view. 

The internal point of view as suggested by Dr. Otto Warburg, “Summarized in a few words, the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar.” Dr. Otto H. Warburg in Lecture.

Using the host theory to treat cancers that have taken time to accumulate due to oxygen debt from poor respiration/metabolism would be extremely logical. The process is slow and gradual until it hits a clearance accumulation breaking point. Before breeching this point the measurement is linear. The signs and symptoms are there. Once it is breeched it is non-linear or exponentially compounding.  It is now an emergency, but the cause was from slow gradual dysfunction.

The external “cause” of cancer could be from intense radiation poison such as Chernobylnuclear bombs or Fukishima contamination. These external forces damage the body so violently that the intensity has left the body in shock and defenseless.  This does create an internal change, but the impetus was from the extreme external terrain.  How long would the alligator last in the cold? Not very long. Why? The host-environment would be too intense of a change for any adaptation, the alligator-germ could only cope, until it couldn’t and dies.

There is a time and place for each theory and application.  There is one foundational truth to be considered.  What is the common denominator to any disease?  The body is, therefore the root theory to be followed for health is host theory. If an emergency arises or is experienced the germ theory application would be logical.  Once the emergency is stabilized, it is imperative to return to foundational truth, the cell controls the expression of the macro body.

It is not about who is correct.  It is about what to do, to correct it. 






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